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This free tool is designed to simplify planning for the future of your campus housing program. The easy step-by-step process provides quick results.

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All About the Student Housing Calculator

Watch this short video introducing the Student Housing Calculator and explaining the inputs you'll need to use it.

Get a 10-Year Housing Stock Projection

Get a quick view of what your stock will look like in the future. You can also manipulate the projections to answer big picture "What If's" in a matter of minutes, such as:

  • What happens when you take beds offline, bring beds online?
  • What happens if the percentage of students living on campus increases?
  • What happens when you increase or decrease enrollment growth rates?

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5 Years of Enrollment Data

  • First-time, full time enrollment data
  • Total full-time enrollment data
  • Part-time enrollment data

On-Campus Housing Data

  • Current percentage of first-time, full-time students living on campus
  • Current percentage of total full-time students living on campus
  • Current set capacity of each on-campus residence hall
  • Design capacity of each on-campus residence hall